Bob the cat


Fancy a cigar?


Keep your cigars in style with these nice antique tobacco cabinets. All these boxes have an interior from cedar wood, to keep your cigars in the best condition.




Antique stove or dangerous fish ?



Whether you’re looking for something to brighten up your own interior or looking for a memorable gift for a loved one, you’re sure to find something to suit all tastes. A Royal Crown Derby paperweights will suit

We love blankets as well


We are happy to announce that we have just launched a new website, full with blankets! Please have a look at and choose your favorite!

Tall or small


What time is it???


New inspiration


Antiques – especially statues – can give new inspiration for picking up your pencil again. Doodling, scribbling and sketching (obviously, for me it was a long time ago 😕)

Isn’t it?


Ship around the world


Did you know that we can ship antiques to almost every part of the world? We can send a small package or a 40 ft container, and anything in between. Our well-experienced team of packagers makes sure that your goods arrive safely to its destination. Please contact us if you need more information about shipment.

The joy of collecting…… anything


There is one thing that you will never see on our website: a presse papier. That is because I keep them for myself :-). In our living room, just next to my desk, I have this 3-tier glass vintage table where I place them all. In the past few years I have found all kinds of presse papiers. Very small ones, very big ones, odd shapes, arty ones. I do have a few favorites, but as a whole collection I like it the most. I still enjoy looking at this color-bursting-collection. The fun about this collection is that I don’t have to spend a lot of money, for 15 to 25 euro you can already buy one. Sometimes I see the very special one, really old, special marks, they cost a few hundred. Those I don’t buy, I just keep it funny and if one is broken I don’t have to cry. 😀

Collecting things I inherited from my mother.
When I was a child, they dragged me to all kinds of antique markets. And to keep me busy, my mother gave me a few euro’s to buy teaspoons. That is when i started to collect teaspoons. And i loved it; not the teaspoons, but seeing the collection growing is what me made feel satisfying. My mother spend about 30 years to build her own collection: oval shaped antique frames. A few weeks ago she suddenly decided that she was finished with this. She wanted to clear the house and make some light and space. So in one morning she took all the ovals from her walls, and created space and light.


Collection oval

Happy cat 😺


Cleaning silver – make it easy!


Cleaning silver is not my favourite job 😟.  Sometimes I have a lot of silverware that need a polish, and then I have this time- and energy saving trick. It is very simple, and I learned it from my grandmother.

  1. Close the sink and cover the bottom with aluminium foil. Shiny side up!
  2. Spread a layer of Soda on the foil
  3. Then fill the sink with very hot water from the tap. You can already hear the chemical works.
  4. Put in the silverware and make sure everything is under water. Leave it there about 10 minutes. Soon you will start to see the dirt comming off to the surface of the water

After this is done, it is much easier to clean the silverware. You don’t need to rub so hard anymore, a soft and quick polish is enough to make the silverware shiny and clean. This trick works great if you have to polish a bunch of cutlery or for items with tiny black spots that are hard to reach.

After cleaning make sure that you dry the silverware with a clean cotton towel, it will keep the colour and shine last longer.