Cleaning silver – make it easy!


Cleaning silver is not my favourite job ?.  Sometimes I have a lot of silverware that need a polish, and then I have this time- and energy saving trick. It is very simple, and I learned it from my grandmother.

  1. Close the sink and cover the bottom with aluminium foil. Shiny side up!
  2. Spread a layer of Soda on the foil
  3. Then fill the sink with very hot water from the tap. You can already hear the chemical works.
  4. Put in the silverware and make sure everything is under water. Leave it there about 10 minutes. Soon you will start to see the dirt comming off to the surface of the water

After this is done, it is much easier to clean the silverware. You don’t need to rub so hard anymore, a soft and quick polish is enough to make the silverware shiny and clean. This trick works great if you have to polish a bunch of cutlery or for items with tiny black spots that are hard to reach.

After cleaning make sure that you dry the silverware with a clean cotton towel, it will keep the colour and shine last longer.